Monday, 19 March 2012

Rae Morris Deluxe Kabuki Brush

The Rae Morris No.1 Deluxe Kabuki Brush. Ahhhhh, what can i say about this little beauty. Good for contouring, highlighting, powdering, blush and cream products. This brush will blend your makeup like a dream.

Changes in pressure allow the user to go from smooth, barely there makeup, to full on contouring. The hair is extremely soft and pliable. Having a little brush cleaner on hand means you can go from bronzer to blush in seconds.

Here is a comparison picture of the Rae Morris No.2 Mini Kabuki Brush. Notice the smaller head on the Mini.

While both brushes are amazing, if you could only pick one i would get the No.1 Deluxe Kabuki.  It allows multiple options while the longer looser bristle makes sheer makeup application a breeze.

At the moment these brushes are not available in singles, but i believe they will be eventually. If you cannot await and want the brush set here are some codes:


  1. Hi Wayne! Just wondering if you knew what the bristles are made of? Hope you see this! :)

  2. Long time no see :)
    Would it work with liquid foundation?

  3. Broken link under construction :(

    1. Exactly what I wanted to say. The shop seems to be temporarily closed.

  4. Allt bra ikväll=?
    delta gärna i min TÄVLING

  5. I can't wait to try these out ! I wish I could try them, but it says the shop is temporarily closed :( Hopefully one day i can try the Makeup Atelier brand as well :) Love your videos and blog. You're my fav. youtube guru :)

  6. HinWayne, 1m 57 and very new to your channel and blog. I haven't worn makeup for several years, it wasn't working well as everything was changing, and those shadows......
    I live in Winchester and we have Boots Superdrug and 9/10 product ranges you mention are just not available. I can't get to London so hat to do?
    I suppose I can buy eye make up on line but I hate buying stuff I haven't tested.
    Gee-ed on by your love of cream foundation, ive ordered a Panstick,in the lightest shade ( I am VERYpale) and managed to get a set of eight concealers that I should be able to blend for concealing/ contouring? Any chance of reviewing really mainstream brands we all have access to! loreal, Maybelline, Revlon, Bourjois No 7, Max Factor etc and the cheaper brands from Superdug? I'm out of work for the first time EVER so money is very tight. I look after my disabled hubbie, and I want to start looking as good as I can at 57.....I've got Verlaine clear, unlined skin, no crows feet or major wrinkles but bits of redness now, and SAHADOWS... But I am determined!

  7. It's been for ever!:) can't wait to get these wish they were easier to buy. I'm in love with the japonesque nars dupe, gotta try this too!

  8. Hi!
    I have been reading and looking at your tutorial and I must say you have been a real inspiration! I live in Singapore and hope to learn from you 1 day!

    Really love the tips!

    Please do check out my blog at

  9. Hi! :)

    I just want to say that I think you are brilliant, very very talented. Love your blog and your videos especially. You are such an inspiration, learning from you every day. Also you have a great smile haha makes me happy so keep on smiling! :)

    Thank you for sharing!!!

    XOXO ;)

  10. Cool post, I always enjoy tips on brushes.

    xx Missy

  11. Hey Lisa

    i am a big fan of yours... I stay in Bangalore, India and as you know, it is pretty hot here! I am only 24, but have developed open pores on my skin (thanks to genetics and oily skin) and also have slightly scarred skin on the side of my cheeks (which makes putting blush difficult.. the acne scarring is on the sides, not front)... so it would be really great if you could do a tutorial to conceal open pores for younger skin & how to cover acne scarring on the sides, I would be veryyyy grateful.. thanks a ton!


  12. There are two blogs I follow. Yours and a Swedish make up artists. I learn so much more from reading your blogs than any other tutorial out there. You should take a look at her blog if you aren't reading it already. She does make-overs on herself.
    Thank you for your excellence. It gives the rest of us hope and knowledge.

  13. (Hello! I don't know if you actually read these comments.) I found your youtube channel and love it you are so knowledgeable so thank you! I've heard you mention several times that you prefer cream foundations to liquid ones but I can only find a video on your favorite liquid foundations. I've looked and looked and can't find a "best of" on your channel for cream foundations. Am I missing it? I need to get a new foundation and want to try a cream since you love them but don't know what to get. If you have a video like that could you give me the link here in this comment section so I can go get some. :) Thanks so much! Even if you don't I still love your videos! ;) -Huge Fan

  14. I am a big fan and love your makeup style and approach, was wondering if you run classes or could recommend a makeup school in London?

  15. I love your blog! you have inspired me to start my own!

  16. Hi Wayne! Hope you don't mind me nominating you for Versatile Blogger Award (did a post in my blog). You may have the short videos but have the most amazing content. You also look so good that I enjoy watching your videos. =)

  17. Hi Wayne!~ Have been watching ur videos for around to 2 years! Your video really makes my day a lot as a learn alot from you~ Loves from Singapore~

  18. Hi Wayne, just wanted to your blog and your the new one of how to apply masacara. Reading your blog has made me want to start my own!xxx thanks for sharing the knowledge:

  19. Thank you for the review Wayne! Love Rae Morris, she is one of my favourite Makeup artists! Also love all your you tube videos! thanks again for sharing all your makeup tips and tricks! x Marina

  20. These are super nice brushes, will check out them in detail!

  21. Nice brushes, not too expensive either. Thanks for the recommendation :)Sx

  22. I walked right past you in St David's this morning....I didn't click intime to say hi though :) x

  23. Hey hey hey! Am I too late for the free palette?! This brush looks great. Where can I get them. :) Does this brand have a website?

  24. Hey Wayne! Thank you so much for your amazing work. I so appreciate your tutorials an honest oppinions. I've been saving money to buy the big Rae Morris Brush set but lately not so good reviews of the set have popped up on the internet. The sets that are sent out these days seem to be clearly inferior to the set you got. This lovely blogger made a very good and honest review and you can actually tell just by looking at the pictures that the brushes she was sent (she ordered directly from Rae Morris' website) are not of the same quality as yours.

    I know your time is precious but it would be amazing if you could check out her post.

    I've watched your reviews on RM's brushes and see you use theme, but that's just a different league of brush to me. To be honest I'm pretty upset about RM's sending out "better" (or even just different) brushes during the time oppinions are made and posted.

    I hope you read this and comment. At the moment I think you're undeliberately giving your good name to a a process that's just not right. I'm sure YOUR brushes are great but when you look at Sonia's brushes vom sweetmakeuptemptations they look really, really cheap.

    Thank you so much and keep up the good work!

  25. You have an amazing blog!!!

    Just let me know if you'd like to follow each other on GCF and bloglovin?

    Lots of love ♥

  26. These brushes look great! Love the handles! Great blog!

  27. also gives great advice

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  33. Love these, and simply must have them!! thanks for the code.

  34. why is the code not working now? is it expired?

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