Saturday, 4 June 2011


NARS New Order Blush/Highlighter is a new NARS product designed to highlight the features - ala - Albatross.

This product contains less pigment than Albatross and other NARS Blushers - but thats a good thing here.

I would not recommend buying this as a BLUSH as its too shiny and frankly, only very VERY pale women could get use from it - but as a highlighter is does a great job.

Unlike some previous reviews of this product i did not find large chucks of glitter with this, or huge amounts of fall out. Yes the shimmer/glitter is larger than some other highlighters but i liked that - i also found the colour to be very complimentary on light-medium-tan skin tones.

If you're using a blusher with ample shimmer do you really need this? No. But if you want something to highlight your features and are interesting in investing in a higher end product then this is a good one.

Frankly i prefer this to my DIOR Pressed Shimmer Powder.


NOTE: This looks amazing on the cupids bow as a highlighter :)


  1. Hehe this is the first "good" review of this product I've seen, so far I've only heard people complain about the glitter.

  2. I have one and I love it!

  3. So many people hate this product. When I saw what a glitterbomb it was, I HAD TO HAVE IT!!!

    I've only used it once, but I love it! It gives a nice amount of shimmer on the high part of the cheekbones. I used it to highlight my browbones and inner corners along with my cheekbones, and I'll admit, it was a bit much.

    I'm glad to have added this to my stash :-)

  4. If it glitters I want it!! :) it's going on my list!!