Saturday, 4 June 2011


INGLOT are releasing the NEW 40 Pan Freedom Palette. Amazing isn't it. 40 Matte shades too which pleases me no end.

I think INGLOT really lost a lot of people when priced increased by 65% - which is staggering. But as i mentioned in my youtube videos - these still are great eyeshadows at a good (not great) price.

The pigment is amazing on them and the shades are vast - and with the inclusion of more matte shades everyone is happy.

Clearly INGLOT are on to a winner with the freedom system and anyone that has used them can see why.

Will i be getting this? Maybe. It depends on the price really. I am assuming in the UK it will be around the £150 plus mark but i'm not sure? Thats a guess.

Either way, are you loving this and wanting this? Let me know ...


  1. Hi Wayne,

    I've heard so many good things about Inglot but I'd have to go with a smaller palette. I'm keen to try them and I really like the palette's I've seen on youtube with the magnetic lid but I don't know where you can buy Inglot from in the UK. Can you suggest a smaller palette to start with? Can I choose the colours I want in a smaller palette because I prefer pinks, beige, lilacs, light blues etc I'm not into lime gree, orange, black, navy blue or brights etc.


  2. For my birthday next week, my other half is taking me into London and treating me to a 20 square freedom palette - really looking forward to trying these out, although the ridiculous price rises on the back of the free publicity they've had sticks in my throat somewhat. Hope they're good enough to forget that :-)

  3. Christine at Temptalia said it would retail for $180 USD. There seems to be confusion as to whether it's "preset" or not. But the freedom system means you pick your own amIright?! I think I'd totally spring for it seeing as I spent half that on the Urban Decay super stash of liners... now I feel bad about myself. :P

  4. I love inglot eyeshadows and I'm expecting to this palettes arrive, but I'm afraid of the price :S

  5. I love Inglot shadows and am happy to hear they're releasing more matte shades.. But the size of that palette would be impractical for me. I already have several of the 10-pan freedom palettes and find these are perfect already - I can just stack as many layers together as I need.

  6. I bought a few shadows online and their price now is $12 for shadow which is a $1 more than MAC's pans. Their quality is's not $12 good in my opinion.

  7. wow 65%??? I love their jumbo lip pencils and wanted to get some, but forget about that now!

  8. If it does cost 180$ I am buying it without thinking twice

  9. I think it's great. Especially for MUAs but it would be even better if you could mix all their e/s on this big palette. I guess the first bad point is the one option: matte! It's ok but what if I want other finishes?
    The other bad side I can see (apart from the estimate price) is the weight. I find the big freedom system palettes to be quite heave. I have 3 and when I stack them they are pretty heavy so I'm guessing with one will not be light. We'll see. I deserve a trip to INGLOT soon...especially after pay day :)
    How's doggie?

  10. Jo Green, I know what you mean. The products are great, the the price increases all over the world have been steep. The 10 palette here in Australia is $95, the 20 palette $180 so I expect that the 40 palette will be at least $300 here. :( Not fair considering the Aussie dollar is currently higher than the US dollar.

  11. In Poland, where I live Inglot eyashadows are way cheaper! The price is around 9 złotych per pan ( if You buy it in a pro system), and it's about 2,20 pounds I believe. I haven't seen this pallete in Poland though.. even if Inglot is a polish brand, probably they will realase it later.

    Ps. I'm Your biggest fan from Poland, Wayne! Thank You for everything, cause You are just amazing!

    1. No, no, no, I AM the biggest! - Ewa Walczak, Poland

  12. Holy Crap!!! 65%!!!!!!!!!!! Someone obviously needed that delux holiday then

  13. Could the company be contacted to justify this significant price increase? Surely they would need to, perhaps make up something (maybe to make us consumers feel better) like - they used better ingredients/changed its formula, or anything! I just think it's not right to increase their prices so dramatically without justifications! :(

    I would love to get this pallete, thanks to you, Wayne, I've grown fond of matte colours and if need be, just add a shimmery/sheen wash of shadow over it, otherwise matte shadows are much more wearble in my opinion. However with that price tag, I am afraid I would need to give this a miss... *sigh*


  14. Hi Wayne, Love your videos! I am fairly new to make-up and experimenting different things. I really like the Inglot eyeshows.They are my go-to eye shadow if I don't know what to wear. However I really don't know what shades to choose from their free system. Could you please share some experience in this regard?

    Many thaanks,