Saturday, 4 June 2011


I don't like reviewing products badly you know. I honestly prefer to give happy smiley good reviews but sometimes you just need to be honest about things and eye secrets - eye stripes - are one of those products.

Tiny pieces of sticky plastic that go on the eye (in the crease) that give the illusion that your eye is more open (less hooded etc...)

And yes they work. But only just. They are not "invisible" as claimed. They cannot be used over makeup (eyeshadow) easily - as they don't adhere well and STAND OUT like a sore thumb on anything but the most neutral eyeshadow.

The most shocking things about these tapes is the price. £30 for 66 TINY bits of sticky tape. You honest could get the same effect from using a tiny bit of invisible tape.

There is a high trial and error phase while learning where to place it - which isn't always easy - and at £30 a go, you will waste a few.

These are incredibly sticky and in the long term the removal of these could cause more trouble than good (pulling on already loose skin on the eyelids etc...)

I really am sorry i could give these a more positive review. But i am honestly shocked at this product and normally even with a not great product you can see something good but for what you get here at £30 this is one product that i cannot find anything good to say. And that makes me sad.

Youtube review coming...

Wayne :(


  1. honestly, you can get more of the same sort of product off ebay for a Lot less... which is sad @@

  2. I would love to be able to lift my lids but I can't imagine any products like these ever being "invisible".

  3. Thanks for your honesty *thumbs up*

  4. It's great that you're honest! If you wouldn't review them because they don't work, more people would buy them and be disappointed. There's lots of other stuff you can buy with 30 pounds...