Thursday, 16 June 2011

Cruelty Free Brushes


  1. They look like fur brushes from here..can't wait to "feel" the softness for myself lol and I'm sure the bird outside just wanted to be on cam

  2. Have you ever reviewed the illamasqua brushes? They are some of my favourites.. It would be nice to see what you think of them xxx

  3. Hello Wayne. You've made a video about animal testing. Also, you have talked about products being (non) cruelty-free on many different occasions. To be honest, what constantly confuses me is the so called third party testing. I even emailed PETA (crazy, I know) but they weren't very clear on that. Say, I don't use L'Oreal products at all (after seeing a video of them performing a test on a rabbit), but I'm a great fan of The Body Shop products. They obviously claim to be all vegan, fair trade-oriented, etc.. Turns out The Body Shop is owned by L'Oreal. And, well, now what?
    I did have a look at a list of companies that do not test on animals and I'm trying to get stuff that's not been tested on anything that jumps, flies or runs. Obviously, I never know whether there is a third party testing going on or not.
    Anyway. Phew.
    What do you think of The Body Shop products?
    Does the fact a company does test on animals affect your shopping decisions?

  4. I use Arbonne brushes, Arbonne are Certified Vegan and all of their products are beneficial too full of amazing ingredients.

    I too cannot believe The Body Shop contain parabens in their body butters and also so many other toxins such as SLS.

    The estee lauder group is another to follow up on who they own... I am sure they share their formulas too.

  5. Its not just about weather or not their companies test on animals. Its WHERE they get their ingredients from as well. China is a huge supplier to these companies and their government REQUIRES that these ingredients are tested on animals before being shipped out of their country and into ours. So American companies can say "Not tested on animals" and get away with it. Because their products aren't tested on animals, their ingredients all are though, and the products they have assembled in China and shipped around the world are as well. Not only that but also products that say "Made in America" can also be imported. Ingredients and packaging all come from China but its "assembled" in an American warehouse. They have tons of loopholes to get away with these things and keep most consumers in the dark about it all. And PETA, well they just make me sick and that's all I can say about them. Look around the internet and you will find out why.

    1. That is untrue. China does not require exported products to be tested. They require non-domestically made products to be submitted to them for testing.

  6. Great to know cruelty free brushes.

  7. Great to know cruelty free brushes.

  8. Is there any truly cruelty-free products?

  9. His own brushes are not cruelty free!! no matter what is claimed by the producer of the brushes.
    The only brushes that are cruelty free are synthetic.
    So why are wayne goss brushes mostly made of blue squirrel???
    meaning not cruelty free.

    ~And you all fell for cruelty free, ohhhhhh, most of you who ordered the set do not even know what hair is used let stand alone what miserable live these animals have!!!
    Congratulations you all supported animal cruelty.!!!

  10. Blue squirrel!!!!! It's an animal, making his brushes not cruelty free

  11. Blue squirrel!!!!! It's an animal, making his brushes not cruelty free