Tuesday, 31 May 2011

NARS Portrait of Paradise Blusher Trio

Three iconic NARS products, one portable zip-around compact. Excited? Orgasm Blush, Albatross Highlighting Powder, and Laguna Bronzing Powder. Limited edition. 

I saw this today in John Lewis in Cardiff. I was buying some items to review and this beauty stood out. It actually stood out for three reasons. 

1. I like NARS.
2. Its much much bigger than i thought it would be. 
3. I don't normally like limited edition items. What's the point? If you really love it - too bad - its gone!

Retailing in the UK at £39.00 this is a medium/high end purchase. 

Providing you fall into the light/medium skin tone range this will work nicely for you. Its shame that another version of this doesn't exist for ladies of colour - as these shades will sadly not work on many deeper skin tones.

Everyone knows Orgasm so pointless going on. A peachy/pink colour infused with shimmer. Albatross highlighter which gives off a HIGH shine/shimmer glow and Laguna Bronzer.

My only pev is that do you really need - Laguna Bronzer (shimmer), Orgasm blush (shimmer) and Albatross (shimmer) - this much shimmer? I would have liked at last one shade pure matte but thats more a personal thing.

If this is something you think you like or have let me know.


  1. Personally, all three of these are products that I've wanted to try before but I honestly found it a lot of money to pay for each separately. I'm excited they've come out with this trio! It's the perfect opportunity to try them all, and the packaging seems very convenient. I agree with what you said about the shimmer, but i guess you don't necessarily have to wear them all at once :) Much love from Puerto Rico!

  2. I agree- that I would much prefer at least the bronzer to be matte. I would not use all three for a shoot- way too much shimmer.

  3. I no longer get "annoyed" with limited edition items...I mean, practically EVERYTHING in life is limited edition - clothes, shoes, electronics, etc. It's just not marketed as so.

  4. i agree with the unnecessary shimmer. plus, if you have big pores the shimmer will just make them look bigger. matte all the way!