Tuesday, 31 May 2011



This makeup book was released just a short while ago and while i couldn't wait for a UK release i ordered it from amazon.com! Woohooo! How come i can order a book from the states and have it arrive in 3 days and yet ordering something from London can take 5 working days! Argh!

Anyway ...

I loved the original book. But this book takes the what was great about the first and then goes far and beyond.

Using "real" women and not models, this book has women in their 20s right up 60s (granted only a few - but its a step in the right direction eh!). This book should inspire you to "rethink" your makeup and if not just be in awe of how amazing most of the women look.

Each section is split into 20s, 30s-40s and 50s plus.

Clearly the above sample is from the 20s section. Not every makeup look is suitable to everyone but you are sure to find a style to three here that you just love.

The pages are split into before:

Hair is always tied back and nothing else on the skin. The best thing about this is that you're not distracted away from the face.

The after shot comes in two forms:

A clear plastic overly is placed over the final shot showing you what product where used and where. Cool eh. So even if you don't want to go out and buy all the products featured you at least know where to put them and better still, the colours are explained as well as the NARS product names.

The final shot is without the plastic overlay

(Sorry about the shiny forehead - my camera)

Here are a few more shots to admire ...

The final two shorts make me just fall in love with makeup over and over again. When i first got this book i loved it but when i came to this photo i just couldn't stop looking at it. Perhaps it reminded me of why i like makeup the way i do, ie - certain looks over others. Its strong, yet bold but utterly wearable. There is no STRONG brow highlight. The cheek bones are highlighted - its just utterly breathtaking to me.

This, to me, is perfection. Its my ideal makeup. I adore it.

If you haven't yet please check out NARS MAKEUP YOUR MIND - along with Rae Morris Makeup Book(s) its worth every penny.


  1. Hi Wayne!
    I have been debating if I should get these two books and after reading your review, OK, it's a GO for me. Thank you always for your wonderful reviews and tutorials.

  2. great post, i love how makeup seems to transform women. For instance in the woman's before picture shes smiling and in the second picture she is also smiling but she seems to have more confidence, i just love that.

  3. god damn you wayne.....you always make me buy....those shoes my 2 yr old needs will have to wait...the weather is getting better ..he'll love his toes out...amazon here i come...lol

  4. That is real women???
    I feel like a norwegian TROLL!

  5. Awesome! I definitely will be purchasing both books! Thanks!

  6. This Swedish troll agrees with "Anonymous". Seems like a great book tho. Love the overlay-thing.

  7. The book looks great! Really nice that they use real women and not models :)

  8. loved the final 2 shots it is so perfect and something that I feel I would wear :) ohh your blog background is like mine ;) pretty

  9. Would you please post some make up tutorials to help us? Pleeeeeease?

  10. I've ordered it last week from Amazon.com, despite high Argentinian Customs fees. I really want this book and I'll patiently wait the month or so that's going to take until it gets home. :)

  11. Rae Morris is one of the best MUA to come out of Australia. My only gripe - she detests waterproof eyeliner ;-)

  12. I love the plastic overlay thing-y. Makes me want to order this from Amazon too.

  13. Thanks for the tipp!!