Tuesday, 31 May 2011



So many people are getting excited about these and i can see why - or i could. I got the chance to test run these and sadly - they don't live up to the claims.

MAC claim these last for hours and give off a "luminescent" wash of colour. The second being true - the first, NO.

All the shades i tried they all creased. The only way to stop this is to use an eyeshadow on top. But whats the point of that? To build intensity? Might as well use a primer. 

THESE CREASE and they crease big time.

I wish i could come up with something really positive to say about these and with MAC offering so many great options these really are something to skip. With Bobbi Brown, Laura Mercier and other companies offering amazing cream eyeshadows, this is really a big set back for MAC and cream eyeshadows in general. 

If you like these let me know, if you don't let me know :)


  1. I read that they look good under a sheer matte eyeshadow "like sequins under chiffon" do you think they would work like that or are they too opaque? X

  2. The only thing I know is that I'm not trying them.

  3. such a shame and the colours are so pretty!

  4. I almost bought these until i read the post. The colors look beautiful but like you mentioned what is the point if you have to use powder eyeshadow to make them stay?

  5. Oh I just posted about these and was really excited to try out some! Just read your opinion that they crease :( Not good!

  6. Have you guys noticed that since the buy out of MAC that the quality and ideas behind the newer products just aren't very good.

  7. I have to say, I see people blaming the downfall of MAC on "the buyout" all of the time and it irks me more than a little.

    First, Lauder has owned MAC for a long time- they acquired a majority interest in 1994, just 3 years after MAC hit the US market LONG before MAC had any mainstream recognition. If you think back, MAC's most loved collections (Heatherette, anyone?) have all been designed under the Lauder umbrella.

    Second, take the Big Bounce launch for example- other Lauder companies (Like Bobbi Brown, which Wayne mentions) have competing products which perform much better than comparative MAC products. So it's not as if Lauder doesn't know how to design a better product, and of course, they want every one of their launches to be successful- it's how they make money!

    The fact is, every line out there is hit-or-miss with new product launches; MAC is no exception.

  8. Well, I previously worked for MAC both before and after they were sold out/bought out by Lauder. I've also worked for Lauder. The whole point and ethos of MAC in the first place was the opposite to the large Cosmetic Companies. Lauder is all about the money - period.

    MAC went down in my estimation when they were bought out by Lauder. This product appears to be part of the 'Link Selling' that Lauder is so fond of in order to maximize their Sales Figures.

  9. I've just reviewed and swatched them here http://cherry-monroe.blogspot.com/ if anyone wants to see the colours on the skin. I have to say I totally agree with you about the creasing problem!

  10. MAC cosmetics used to be some Holy Grail in Poland where I live: they were bought at Internet auctions or brought from abroad as the most prectious souvenir; Polish Youtubers would treat them as the archetype of make up. The day when the first MAC shop opened in Warsaw was a red letter day celebrated with parades and fireworks [nah,it wasn't, I'm overdoing it a bit ;)]. MAC reminds me of Starbucks' coffee- lots of people drink it out of snobbery, not for its taste. Are MAC eyeshadows better quality than Polish INGLOT? Do they come in a wider range of colours? Doubt it.The price? Personally I don't think they are worth the money. Full stop.