Tuesday, 31 May 2011

DIOR 1 Colour Eyeshadow

Hmmmmmm, i just don't know. I bought these for review only a week ago and i'm left undecided.

Firstly these retail at £20.50 each (i think) for 2.2g of product. This is high end.

Almost all shades contain some degree of shine but when on the browns (mostly) end up looking mostly matte (a good thing!).

Some shades are also HIGHLY shimmery - so something for everyone.

When i applied this to begin with a crease brush i was very disappointed with the pigment level. Nothing much picked up. I was thinking "are you kidding me" i just paid £20.50 for this! And i bought 8! I tend applied them with a standard eyeshadow brush and INSTANT PIGMENT! Much better.

These are without a doubt the creamiest eyeshadows i've used. They go on like a powder and the fall out is minimal. I love the intensity these provide and i'm impressed. These are not as good as DIOR 2 eyeshadows - which are amazing - but if you're looking for a high end purchase then you can do worse than this brand.

What is it with DIOR that just makes you feel "i'm worth it" - or is that L'Oreal?!?!?

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  1. I love these..well not all of them...actually just one in particular haha Its called 546 Gold Touch. I've bought 2 and not only is it a beautiful color that really brings out my dull brown eyes but I guess it has sentimental value too since it was my first "high-end" beauty purchase ever when I was like 18 and had just gotten my first paycheck!